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In just 41/2 years the UWP government racked up an unprecedented record of accomplishments


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In just over 4 years in government we succeeded in promoting serious economic growth and growing Dominica's middle class. Today we need that same level of credible governance in Dominica. We need your support.  THANK YOU!






Built 3 New Secondary Schools

Road network Linking Island

Millions Generated in That Sector

Launched World Creole Music Fest.

Started International Airport


The United Workers Party (UWP) Team Dominica is ready to govern our beautiful country. With a record of performance during just four and a half years in office, your party is committed to bringing meaningful change to Dominica.


Let us work together to restore Dominica to its proper place within the Caribbean Region. We have watched in horror as the DLP administration continues to sytematically impoverish and demoralise our people. The coming elections will be critical. Get registered, get counted and lets vote to take our country back. SUPPORT your UWP.


With a strong, competent Leader and an outstanding Team we are prepared to work in your best interest with good, accountable and transparent government.


Together Let Us Rebuild