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Welcome to the Party of All the People

The United Workers Party, a centrist socially-responsible political party, was formed in 1988 by a group of patriots who felt the need to contribute to the development of Dominica. The founding members collectively determined that the best way to make their contribution to our country was to enter into the political arena where they could have had the most positive impact on the lives of the citizenry. The party first entered parliament in 1990, winning 6 of the 21 seats up for election, and thereby became the official opposition.


Five years later, with Edison James leading it into a general election, the party increased its seat count by 5, capturing 11 seats in parliament and with that slim majority, became the government. During its tenure in office, the party enacted numerous initiatives and programs that stimulated economic growth as well as social programs geared towards assisting the poor and the elderly.


In the 2000 general election, the party lost its 1-seat majority in parliament which resulted in a coalition government being formed between the two other political parties on island. The UWP remains Dominica's official opposition to this date.

Executive Committee

Hon. Lennox Linton

Political Leader

Leader of the Opposition

MP, Marigot

Hon. Lennox Linton 

Political Leader 

Mr. Nicholas George

General Secretary 

Hon. Hector John


Hon. Isaac Baptiste


Hon. Joshua Francis

Deputy Political Leader 

Mr. Alex Birmingham


Dr. Thomson Fontaine

International Secretary 

Mr. Steve Benjamin

Public Relations Officer 

Ms. Debbie Shillingford

Asst. General Secretary 

Ms. Nicole Thomas

Asst. Treasurer 




Public Infrastructure



Mr. Edison James


Mr. Norris Prevost


Mr. Ronald Green


Hon. Ezekiel Bazil 

MP, Wesley 

Hon. Hector John 

MP, Salisbury 

Hon. Daniel Lugay 

MP, Roseau North 

Hon. Joshua Francis 

MP, Roseau South 

Hon. Ronald Charles 

Sen., Roseau Valley 

Hon. Isaac Baptiste 

Sen., Castle Bruce 

Hon. Felix Thomas

Sen., Mahaut 

Hon. Monell Williams-Jno-Baptiste

Sen., St. Joseph

Hon. Lennox Linton

Political Leader

Leader of the Opposition

MP, Marigot

Your Elected Representatives and Senators

After careful thought and planning, we averted the distracting colour perceptions of Dominica to build – not a red, blue, green or yellow Party – but a rainbow Party for the Commonwealth of Dominica. Over the last three decades, this country-first, people centered political organization, your United Workers Party Team Dominica, has defended our freedom as a Christian nation under God and shone the light on the good governance conduct and procedure that will secure our progress and prosperity.


Today, your UWP Team Dominica, the Nature Island’s pre-eminent political party, stands ready to guide our homeland from the governance disgraces and failures of the past two decades into a safe, successful future.


For this noble undertaking, we have assembled the most knowledgeable, the most experienced, the most qualified… the brightest and best among us at home and abroad in a coalition of Nature Island patriots dedicated to the service of God and country.

A bit of History

The United Workers Party was first elected into government in June 1995 on a promise to create jobs as well as a commitment to investing in the future of our great country. Prime Minister Edison C. James, who led us into victory, proceeded to deliver, and the result was 5 years of economic growth, jobs created, as well as significant investments in infrastructure, all of which translated to measured progress for all Dominicans. For 5 years, PM James and our UWP government ploughed ahead, building schools, repairing our network of roads, constructing playing fields for our youth, etc. It is a record yet to be matched by the current administration, which succeeded it in 2000.


Mr. James, now retired from active politics, has passed on the mantle of leadership to a new crew of capable men and women, all who share the vision of a better and brighter tomorrow. Led by the MP of the Marigot constituency Hon. Lennox Linton, the new UWP has set its eyes on not only repeating the legacy of competence from the James administration but forging ahead with a new battle plan for development of Dominica, centered on our most abundant resources; water and our rich, fertile soil. The party is poised to piggyback of the successes of the James administration, building a Dominica positioned for the challenges of the 21st Century. Here we come.

Our Years in Government: a Record of Success

A Few Projects Initiated by the previous UWP administration

The Saw, as simple as it is in its design is a very powerful tool and is a manifestation of the will and spirit of the Founders of your party, the United Workers Party. It selecting the Saw as the symbol of the party, the Founders sought to shed light on its power and strength as a building tool, in the hands of a builder, building the country and its institutions from the ground up, all in an effort of creating a better and stronger Dominica.

The Party's Electoral Symbol: The Saw

The Saw is a versatile tool, designed in various ways: hand saw, hack saw, chain saw, all representative of the tool Workers all over use to build and restore. The Saw was immortalized in a popular calypso song by "de Brakes"; 'good morning, the saw; good night, the saw'. As we seek to rebuild and build a better, stronger, resilient Dominica, no other tool is more suited for the task ahead; the Saw.