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Our Families Abroad

Welcome Home!

The importance and economic impact of our diaspora family to the overall development of our beautiful country cannot be overstated. Our brothers and sisters overseas have contributed tremendously in the past and continue to do so presently, providing badly-needed assistance to relatives and friends at home. The bonds between us remain as strong as they ever, and we recognize that the future of Dominica rests squarely in the hands of all Dominicans, at home and abroad.

We possess the knowledge, skills and expertise required to build a new Dominica.

Your United Workers Party recognizes that we have what it takes within us to build this great country. As a government, we are determined to create a "Dominica First" environment of caring, mutual respect, trust and commitment in which nationals at home and abroad can fully participate with their unique talents and backgrounds in achieving and sharing the fruits of our success.


Dominica First means Dominica First. It also means Dominicans First.


The Diaspora Policy developed by our patriots several years ago will be reviewed, updated and implemented to ensure that the diaspora is engaged in national development in a meaningful manner. We are blessed to have in the diaspora several Dominicans who are well-positioned to assist with the growth of our productive sectors. Whether its through strategic planning and execution for global business development, investments, construction, or establishment of business on island, we intend to take the necessary steps that will ensure that our diaspora is actively involved and forms a major component in the socio-economic development of Dominica. To achieve this, we will streamline legal and administrative procedures in order to facilitatate resettlement, small business development and investment from our citizens abroad. We will also develop a strategy for engaging the diaspora in major infrastructural and business development projects such as airport, marina, high-speed ferry and other national development projects.


As part of our intent to ensure that our disapora plays a critical role in our rebuilding and development, we will;