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One People, One Nation, One Destiny

  A 41/2 Year Record Of Getting the Job Done

              (June 1995 - January 2000) 

√ Tourism offices established in 

New York, London and Paris.


√ Established Diplomatic Ties with



√ UWP hosted International

Tourism Conferences such

as The Caribbean Eco-

Tourism Conference in 1997.

The Caribbean Agenda 21

Conference in 1998 and The

Conference on World Heritage

Sites, 1998.


√ Morne Trois Piton National Park

enlisted as a World Heritage Site-

A first in the Caribbean.


√ Tourist facilities at: Trafalgar,

Emerald Pool & Cabrits.


√ Built Tourist Reception Center at

Indian River


√ Organized World Creole Music



√ Upgrading Soil Laboratory


√ More than $50 Million was made

available to the Banana Industry

by way of direct cash to farmers,

input to farmers and support to

the DBMC.


√ Markets for non-banana crops

were expanded, export figures

moved from $12 Million to $27

Million and expanded markets.


√ Successful lobbying missions to

Europe, the United States, and in

the region to save the Banana



√ The purchase of Geest Banana



√ The involvement of Dominica

and the Windwards in the

shipping and marketing of



√ Returns on investments in Geest



√ Sustained and reasonable prices

for bananas.


√ Agriculture modernized through

the expansion of irrigation

systems and greenhouses

√ Livestock Breeding Operation at

Savanne Yorke, Salisbury

√ Groundwork for abattoir to boost

livestock sector has been laid



√ Animal feed Processing and

mixing plant, Jimmit


√ Coral producing Facility at



√ Marine Hatchery at Donkey

Beach, Canefield


√ New Mahaut market


√ New Belfast Bridge


√ Mahaut Fisheries Jetty


√ Microtrim Slice control and Titou



√ Penville/Blenheim Road



√ Layou River control works


√ Pte Michel Sea defense wall and

Road Expansion


√ Trafalgar- Wotten Waven link



√ Campbell to Despor road


√ Delices to Petit Savanne Road


√ Jimmit to Warner road


√ Construction of Fab Road (Petite



√ New Caliste Bridge.


√ White River Bridge.


√ New Bath Estate Bridge.


√ New Bridge joining Watty’s Lane

and Leblanc Lane (Goodwill)


√ Michael Douglas Boulevard


√ Thibaud retaining wall


√ 84 acres of land for the

expansion of Thibaud


√ West coast road retaining wall.

(Coulibistrie, Mero, Massacre)


√ Water supply for: Carib Territory,

Galion, Glasgow, Petite

Soufriere, Good Hope, San



√ Layou Housing Project

√ Bath Estate Housing Project


√ New Health Centres in: Warner,

San Sauveur, Morne Prosper and

Woodford Hill.


√ New Public Conveniences


√ New Cricket Pavilions: Dublanc,

Castle Bruce and Grand Bay

playing fields


√ Mahaut, Sineku and Wotten

Waven schools extension.


√ School Feeding Program.


√ Basic Education Reform Project.


√ Provision for free Text Books.


√ Increased access to Secondary

School education


√ New wing for Clifton Dupigny

Technical College (now DSC)


√ Extension of Weirs Marigot



√ Construction of Castle Bruce

Secondary School.


√ Construction of Grand Bay

Secondary School.


√ Construction of new wing of the

Portsmouth Secondary School.


√ Construction of Public Library in



√ Construction of Food Pavilion at

Ross University


√ Increased Scholarships for

tertiary education- Cuba

Island Scholarship increased

from 1 to 4 and included one for

technical studies.


√ Budget allocation of financial

support for scholarships etc.

moved from $300,000 to more

than $3 Million.


√ Developed Dominica Unity Trust

Corporation (DUTC)


√ Reintroduced Live Broadcast of

Parliamentary proceedings


√ Liberalized the regional

Telecoms Market


√ Revitalization of the National

Youth Council

The UWP built three new secondary schools in Castle Bruce, Grand Bay and Wesley making secondary education accessible to thousands of children in Dominica's rural districts.

The visionary leadership of the UWP led to the launching of the World renowned Creole Music Festival - A shining testament to the vision, hard work and competence of UWP Team Dominica.

It took the foresight of the UWP to fix the road situation at En Bas (Solomon Roulee) in Pte Mitchel. At the left shows how we met it and to the right a fantastic dispaly of vision and foresight.