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In the past 40 years as an independent nation, and especially in the last 15 years, the responsibility to drive economic and social advancement has been moved further and further away from the embrace of a national development philosophy that is in harmony with our true Nature Island character and identity.


In the next 40 years we must become, in every respect and every aspect, the Nature Island People that we truly are, leading the world in progressive, all-inclusive Nature Island development.

The United Workers Party, Team Dominica's vision for our Nature Island – “Isle of Beauty, Isle of Splendor” - is sustainable, harmonized growth and development in which every Dominican is well educated, healthy, gainfully employed, able to own a climate resilient home and empowered to nurture family in a peaceful and secure social environment.


Your UWP Team Dominica is committed to securing a global leadership position for our Nature Island as the best place to live, the best place to work, and the best place to enjoy life. We will unite our Nature Island people to live in harmony with the natural environment and to thrive on self-governance, freedom, equality and justice according to the laws of Nature.


To this end, our long-term sustainable development plans will build a strong, competitive economy and an resilient society or people befitting the blessings of nature with which we have been so generously endowed.


We invite all hands to work together to achieve the common goal of establishing successful Nature Island living as a pillar in the advancement of global civilization.


Hon. Lennox Linton

Political Leader

All Hands, One Goal

The Way Forward

Why Support Workers?

Dominica Deserves Better!

Since 2000, our Nature Island has been saddled with a highly incompetent, lazy and tired regime that has made life more difficult than it should be for you, your family, our country. During this period, we have been inundated with a relentless stream of scandals, nepotism, abdication of responsibilities by those charged with upholding the Rule of Law, and spiraling crime rates. We have been burdened with a failing economy designed and operated to make people poor, dependent and vulnerable to the vote-buying abuses of the ruling party.


You deserve better than this, we deserve better than this. And there is only one way we can put a stop to the hemorrhaging of the blood which runs through the veins of our society; elect into government your United Workers Party TEAM DOMINICA.


We pledge firm, unwavering commitment to the highest standards of democratic governance, for the welfare of our Nature Island and the collective benefit of our Nature Island people. This election, there really is no other choice. Vote the SAW!

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Our Nature Island Development Philosophy gives meaning and purpose to the agenda for change that will build the best possible Dominica for all the citizens of Dominica - the Nature Island People, at home and abroad.


Going forward, we accept the leadership responsibility implicit in facilitating our Nature Island People to build back better after the devastation of Hurricane Maria and to pursue lives of peace, freedom and human dignity in harmony with Nature.


The abundant blessings of Land, Water and Plants will feed, clothe and shelter us in life supporting ways and allow us to help other nations to do the same.


On the Nature Island our food and drink will be our medicine and our medicine will be our nature island food and drink. Our herbs will heal the nation. Our herbs will heal the world. Therefore, no plant or herb will be illegal in the Nature Island of the World.


We will offer the lovers of nature around the world a brand in the advancement of civilization that they can identify with and support, especially in recognition of the fact that the true Nature Island of the World will automatically become, the most climate resilient country in the World.

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