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Infrastructure Development Housing and Construction 

UWP TEAM DOMINICA is fully committed to the revitalization of our construction industry, through the development of an affordable and climate resilient housing stock and infrastructure, in a transparent and responsible manner.


We will rehabilitate and expand Dominica’s infrastructure through our government Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) and Public- Private Sector Partnership (PPP).


Furthermore we will help stimulate the construction sector through policy reform in order to boost economic growth, generate new jobs, improve housing conditions, instil pride and ensure the health and safety of our people.



•Improve housing condition nationally by building and repairing 1,000 houses in 3 years.


•Develop, repair and enhance road networks, modernise the sea ports, create a modern industrial park using renewable energy, and build climate resilient supporting structures such as bridges, sea and retaining walls.


Key Policy Initiatives  

•Develop and implement a housing policy with particular attention to social and affordable housing.


•Development and implement an industrial development policy.


•Removal of duties on construction and building materials.


•The provision of low interest rate loans for housing, commercial and industrial development through the AID bank and other financial institutions.


•Engage in foreign policy initiatives with friendly governments and donor agencies in order to finance public infrastructure development projects.


•Enforce transparent public sector procurement procedures.



•Adopt a proactive maintenance programme of public buildings, bridges, walls,  public and feeder roads.


•Implementation of the Roseau Road Reinstatement Project.


•Rehabilitation of dilapidated housing stock.


•Review of Rent control legislation.


•Review of utility services providers’ policies with respect to housing development.


•Adoption of a sustainable and transparent squatter regularisation programme.


•Review and strengthening of public assistance housing programmes.


•Lowering of interest rates and increase of housing mortgage financing.


•Review of current land use policies, legislation and regulations.


•Rehabilitation and expansion of the agricultural feeder road network.