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Hurricane Maria

A Defining Moment in our History

Hurricane Maria, which visited our shores on September 18, 2017 will inevitably go down as one of the most significant natural catastrophes to ever make its mark on us. Our country was ripped bare, thousands of homes damaged or destroyed, numerous lives lost. The Category 5 storm showed no mercy, destroying our livelihoods and triggering mass migration. But we are now bowed; we will rebuild our lives and we will continue to assist our brothers and sisters in their recovery as well.


We would like to encourage you to help wherever you can. Hurricane Maria did not single out any particular group in its path of destruction, and neither should we single out any particular group to assist. We are all Dominicans; we rise and fall together.


We support the efforts of all organizations in their efforts at bringing relief and comfort to our fellow man and woman. We recommend that you donate what can, whenever you can, to these groups. Your donations are appreciated.


We wish to thank all Individuals, Groups, Governments, NGO's, International Organizations and Non-Profits for the work they have done and invaluable assistance they have given. Your support in our time of need we will forever be grateful.

We encourage all Dominicans and well-wishers to make your donations to these organizations so that they can continue their work in Dominica in the months ahead. Thank You.