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Our Indigenous People

The First Dominicans

Enough cannot be said about the positive impact and the enormous sacrifice and contribution our indigenous people have made for this nation of ours, Dominica. For centuries, the Kalinago have stood tall, and with the odds against them, proudly defended this country in the face of overwhelming aggression from colonial powers. As a testiment to their resilience and survivability, they continue to stand tall today, persevering and contributing to the further development of our beautiful Nature Isle.

The United Workers Party recognizes the significant contributions our Kalinago brothers and sisters have made and continue to make in the growth of this nation. We also recognize that far too many politicians have made false promises and paid lip service to this vibrant people and culture. We're going to change this.


Once elected into office, your UWP government will begin to put into action a series of policy initiatives geared towards advancing the socio-economic wellbeing of our Kalinago family, with special focus on job creation as well as the preservation of language and culture. It is imperative that the Kalinago culture be preserved for future generations and a UWP government will make the necessary investments aimed at ensuring that goal is achieved.

Key Initiatives

We will enact the requisite legislation to establish Dominica's first ever Economic Zone in the Kalinago Territory. The purpose is to provide the means and assistance to new qualifying businesses in the Territory that is needed to achieve economic success. Qualified businesses will enjoy benefits including income tax credits and reduced customs duties on equipment. Our intent is to foster a surge in investment in the Territory, leading to a reduction in unemployment and an increase in real income for all Kalinagos.

Your UWP government will establish the first ever Kalinago Development Fund whose function would be to provide financing and spur investment in the Kalinago Territory. The Fund will be started with a multi-million dollar grant from government but will also be authorized to source funding from credible entities, both domestic and international, in furtherance of its mission. The Fund will be headquartered in a newly-built government Multi-Service facility in the Territory and managed by the Kalinago people. This is a Fund that will be established For the Kalinago, Managed by the Kalinago, and Benefit the Kalinago, and will provide the necessary capital for housing, education and health-related expenses as well as funding for viable commercial ventures within the Territory.

We will construct a multi-service government administrative facility within the Kalinago Territory that will house the Ministry of Kalinago Affairs, the Kalinago Development Fund as well as offices for the Kalinago Chief, Council and administrative personnel. This new facility will bring new jobs to residents of the Territory, providing yet another boost to its economy.

In pursuit of our desire to uplift the lives of our Kalinago family, we will, through the Ministry of Kalinago Affairs, foster, encourage and pursue trade, cultural, and educational exchanges with other indigenous peoples around the world. Our Kalinago brothers and sisters, especially the youth, will be encouraged to learn of other similar cultures, establish trade and cultural links, and to seek grants and investment within the Territory from these other cultures.