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One People, One Nation, One Destiny

Manufacturing is simply a must 

UWP TEAM DOMINICA recognizes the untapped potential of Dominica’s agricultural and natural resources and its light manufacturing sector.


In seeking to attain our true economic potential, we will diversify the economy through innovation, the nurturing of infant industries, and value added initiatives.


In addition, we will facilitate import substitution business initiatives aimed at reducing the country’s massive trade deficit while at the same time creating much needed jobs.



Increase Dominica’s export earnings by 100% within the targeted economic subsectors in the first 3 years of a UWP Administration.


Key Policy Initiatives  

• Provide access to low cost and venture capital financing, training and technical assistance support, to new and existing businesses in light manufacturing, agro processing, quarrying, and water export.


•Review the fiscal incentive act (1984), quarry related legislation and regulations as deemed necessary, and enact Small Business Legislation.


•Streamline the application process for new business start-ups to result in a one stop shop thus improving efficiency.

•Develop a comprehensive human resource development program aligned to the priority industries.



Set criteria for the selection of start-up and existing companies within the essential oil, fruits, root crops, renewable energy, light manufacturing and quarry industries, and provide appropriate financial, business development and technical support.


Embark on a comprehensive product development, branding and market access program.


Identify, develop, and assist existing private sector firms involved in light manufacturing and agro-processing and embark on the exportation of bulk and bottled water to targeted markets.


Determine priority areas and train individuals for the effective development and management of enterprises within the priority industries.


Provide tax credits to new and existing companies involved in creating sustainable new jobs.