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Where we're heading

An Economy that works for YOU

Few can argue that the past two decades have been a period of decline in our economic fortunes; the traditional foundation of our economy has been allowed to deteriorate significantly, to the point where it is on life support. Agriculture has been laid to waste, manufacturing has almost vanished, our tourism product is lacking and we have been led down a path where we are barely surviving on a highly volatile and questionable Citizenship by Investment programme.

Forging ahead to a New Beginning, a new and exciting path to sustained Economic Development

Your United Workers Party government is committed to implementing a series of measures that will not only reverse our economic decline, but will also place Dominica on a course that sets us apart from our neighbours in economic growth and prosperity. We have done a thorough analysis of our potential and we are highlighting here a number of the initiatives that we intend to implement so that you can have an idea as to where we intend to lead our beautiful country.


We have been saddled with an empty barrel DLP government that has no idea as to how to create jobs for anyone but their friends. But what about the rest of us? The NEP programme is a band aid on an economic situation that requires surgery. We intend to do what is necessary to create not just jobs, but careers. We will open up new areas for investment and growth, injecting the necessary stimulus and providing the requisite incentives to our private sector that will create thousands of new jobs and exciting careers. From new skills training programmes for those transitioning into new fields of employment, to internships for our high-schoolers, to full-time careers for our college and university graduates, we will chart a new course for Dominica, and we seek your support.

A UWP Government will create not just Jobs, we will create Careers

Integral to our economic development strategy and plans is a renewed focus on our private sector. We intend to forge a new and vibrant relationship with the sector in an effort to create jobs while simultaneously, creating new businesses and allowing existing firms to grow. We have identified a number of areas where we intend to engage the private sector through Public-Private Sector Partnerships.

A new relationship with the Private Sector

You should know that our focus will not only be on our local businesses. We intend to engage and establish partnerships with Dominicans in the Diaspora who would like to return and invest in our country. We know that our citizens overseas have a lot to offer, and that a number of them are eager to return home to invest not just their money, but their intellect as well. Their knowledge and expertise will be invaluable as we seek to not only create new indigenous businesses but also to our efforts at attracting new foreign investment on to our shores.


UWP Team Dominica will build a productive agricultural sector supplying local needs and trading a mix of high-value nature island products in global markets. This is pivotal to local food security and the sustainable growth of the Dominica economy. We will modernize the industry and make it attractive to our young people by expanding market-driven production of high value foods, herbs, spices, livestock and marine products; better land use policies; and innovations in farm technologies, transportation and marketing.


UWP Team Dominica will leverage the abundant blessings of green bestowed on our Nature Island to optimize the job creation and other economic benefits of Tourism. We will create a Nature Island visitor economy programme of special events, sports and festivals, along with health and education engagements that offers the lovers of nature a safe haven of peace and tranquility in a troubled world. Sharing our idyllic green spaces over time with the majority of human beings on planet earth will drive strong sustainable economic growth.

Renewable Energy

The high cost of electricity in Dominica is a cost of living burden and serious constraint on the cost of doing business. The renewable energy solution of UWP Team Dominica includes initiatives in hydro, wind, solar and geothermal targeted at improving the reliability of energy services, while lowering our dependency on fossil fuels. We will complete the shift to renewable energy technologies, introduce voluntary energy efficiency standards for lighting and upgrade the building codes for energy efficiency.

Health & Education

UWP Team Dominica will ensure universal access to high-quality health care and facilitate the pursuit of healthy nature island diet and life styles to build a productive nation progressively reducing the incidence of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases. We will position our education system to prepare our sons and daughters to build and maintain the nature island of the world and succeed on the global stage as enlightened, responsible, competitive citizens in their chosen fields of endeavor.


UWP Team Dominica will transform our transportation infrastructure for participation in the international trade of goods and services with the construction of a state-of-the-art international airport, the expansion and modernization of our sea ports for efficient movement people and cargo. We will build a modern public transportation system with clean energy vehicles and bus terminals that will facilitate safe, on-time, comfortable travel for school, business, work or leisure to people in all areas of Dominica.

Housing & Community Development

Our National Housing Strategy will move housing areas in need of relocation, to suitable lands; provide solutions for new housing needs by settlement; and encourage local private sector participation in the supply and financing of affordable housing to low and middle income households nationally.

Good Governance

The United Workers Party (UWP) Team Dominica will lead and manage with respect for the democratic right of the people to caring, efficient, honest, transparent and accountable government. We will govern by the rule of law; include people in policy formulation and decision making; ensure confidence in the administration of justice; stamp out corruption; and restore the dignity of Parliament as the principal governance body for the well-being of all.

Our Nature Island of the World philosophy opens the doors to significant new economic growth and job creation opportunities from the many export industries that will be created in agriculture, tourism, renewable energy, arts and culture along with new ICT based ventures in artificial intelligence and robotics. UWP Team Dominica will remove the constraints to doing business and set up a $200 million fund to provide seed financing and guarantees for new and existing export industry operations.