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One People, One Nation, One Destiny

Policy Positions

The United Workers Party Team Dominica has staked out some clear positions on key policy agenda items that we believe are vital for the development of Dominica and its people......

Full accountability for CBI funds and the US100 million dollar debt forgiven by Venezuela

UWP TEAM DOMINICA views agriculture as being central to Dominica’s short and long term development strategy

The United Workers Party is concerned tabout  the DLP approach to reconstruction in the housing sector

We have been pursuing a low carbon climate resilient development strategy since 2012

The pace of restoration of electricity post Hurricane Maria can be significantly accelerated

Urgent government action required to safeguard the credibility of Dominica's ship registry

UWP TEAM DOMINICA tourism policy and strategy for Dominica focuses on an integrated inter- sectorial approach to the development of tourism.

Untapped potential of Dominica’s agricultural and natural resources and its light manufacturing sector

Revitalization of our construction industry, with an affordable and climate resilient housing stock

Committed to the development of renewable sources to meet 100 percent of Dominica’s energy needs