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Renewable Energy 

In the matter of Dominica’s renewable energy and natural resources development, UWP TEAM DOMINICA puts the overall health and safety of our people and sustainable development of the country of Dominica first.


We are fully committed to the development of cheaper alternative energy from renewable sources to meet 100 percent of Dominica’s energy needs. At the centre of Dominica’s approach will be a comprehensive environmental impact and cost-benefit analysis in order to consider and select the best and safest options.



Make Dominica the world’s premier clean and green destination where competitive energy costs encourage local and foreign investment by ensuring that 100% of Dominica’s energy needs is produced from sustainable renewable sources within 5 years in a safe and sustainable manner.


Key Policy Intiatives  

•Review, legislate and implement the national energy policy.


•Remove all taxes on equipment and spare parts used in the generation of power from sustainable renewable sources.


•Develop a sustainable energy industry which will include, but not limited to, research and development, manufacturing and export of technical services in the area of renewable energy.



Facilitate the private sector in the establishment of businesses to engage in the design, fabrication, installation, maintenance and enhancement of renewable systems.


Introduce an Associate Degree programme in Renewable Energy Systems at the Dominica State College.


Facilitate partnerships with these energy companies that will see young Dominicans trained in the design, service and maintenance of clean systems.


Critically and thoroughly assess the development of geothermal energy to ensure its safety to our people, ecosystem, and the environment.


Develop the right mix of the production of sustainable energy using hydro, wind,  and solar to optimize energy output.


Provide fiscal incentives and tax credits to companies creating sustainable new jobs in the renewable energy sub-sector.


Encourage communities in sustainable energy usage initiatives through the establishment of several model eco villages in the Caribbean.