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Tourism is vital to our economic growth prospects 

UWP TEAM DOMINICA tourism policy and strategy for Dominica focuses on an integrated inter- sectorial approach to the development of tourism.


The strategy is aimed at maximizing the benefits of tourism without compromising our social values while ensuring the preservation of our environment and ecosystems.


Tourism married to agriculture is one of the major economic development initiatives. An international airport is considered to be crucial to the overall success of the tourism sector.



To increase the hotel occupancy rate and cruise passenger spending by 100% within the first three years of coming into government.


Key Policy Initiatives  

* Review and implement the existing Tourism Master Plan.

 *Together with the private sector embark on an aggressive promotion and marketing of the nature island in selected markets, especially in the French territories. This will include the establishment of tourism offices in those markets and the trade marking of “NATURE ISLE”.


*Engage and facilitate the private sector in debt restructuring, upgrading of existing hotel and tourism facilities and products.


*Provide training incentives and create innovative financial products for the development of existing and new tourism initiatives.


*Review current institutional arrangements and legislation for promotion, marketing of tourism and investment.



*Develop a tourism strategy and policy framework, focused on high-end tourism in the areas of eco, cultural, heritage, sports, cruise ship, yachting, and health and wellness tourism.


*Develop the international airport, facilitate the establishment of a Dominica based airline and a high speed ferry service to ensure reliable market access ( see details under market access).


*Conduct tourism sector skills needs assessment, embark on a major human resource alignment initiative, and provide access to finance for businesses and communities involved in tourism.


*Ensure that state institutions serving the tourism sector are adequately staffed and financed.


*Provide tax incentives to existing establishments creating sustainable new jobs