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Towards a Sustainable Agriculture Policy 

UWP TEAM DOMINICA views agriculture as being central to Dominica’s short and long term development strategy. Thus tremendous effort will be placed on the revitalization of this sector in order to stimulate the rural economy.


This will involve improved land management, direct support to farmers and fishermen, technology deployment, and improvement in agricultural and fisheries infrastructure in order to enhance productivity and production volumes.



To double production volume within three (3) years in the areas of fisheries, horticulture, food crops and livestock in order to ensure food security and increased export earnings.


Key Policy Initiatives

•Develop and implement an agricultural land use, land zoning and land bank policy to make idle lands available for production.


•Provide direct support to farmers and strengthen the institutional framework including, but not limited to, extension service and research and development.

•Provide access to finance and Technical Assistance (TA) support to entrepreneurs, farmers, fishermen and fisheries cooperatives involved in fishing and agricultural production, processing of meat, fish, crops and vegetables.


•Develop a network of farm access roads to new and existing farm holdings and provide required capital investment to ensure optimum production levels.


•Facilitate the increase in agricultural exports to CARICOM, French Territories, USA and Europe by establishing trading houses in these targeted markets.


•Introduce the “Entrepreneurship  In Agriculture” programme.



•Guaranteed purchase of targeted agriculture produce and fish of commercial value.


•Engage agricultural technicians, physical planning division and regional agricultural institutions to develop policies and implement plans, which will outline guidelines and best suited location for respective agricultural produce to maximize production.


•Implement agricultural land management programmes.


•Establish district young  farmers entrepreneurship projects.


•Reduce or eliminate where necessary taxes on fisheries and agricultural inputs, tools, equipment and vehicles.


•Provide necessary technology and training to technicians and farmers in the use of appropriate technology to combat pest and diseases.


•Collaborate with local and regional research and development entities ( IICA, CARDI, UWI and DSC).


•Provide access to land and financing and operationalize a land bank to bring suitable idle farm lands into production.


•Establish production of animal feed, breeding facilities for livestock and fresh water fish and the upgrade and certification of new and existing production and slaughtering facilities.


•Implementation of contract farming programs.


•Provide at least five fleets of three fishing trawlers in major fishing communities and improve landing sites for fishermen.


•Establish an immigration policy aligned to the demand for agricultural labour and encourage the establishment of farm labour groups  in order to increase labour productivity in the agricultural sector.


•Establish a national agricultural and fisheries insurance programme